There is only one way to save money and that is to pay less for everything that you buy. One way to do this is to use manufacturers’ coupons. Manufacturers and stores have made many changes to their coupon policies in recent times that getting coupons no longer, for the most part, involves clipping them for your daily papers.  Here are a fews tips that will help you to save a bundle when you go shopping.

Blogging Frugally

Stay at home mothers have become very creative and have created blogs (websites) where they search the web for the best coupons and deals and list them on their blogs for you to take advantage of.  Most of the time, they update their blogs on a weekly basis so the information is very up to date.  Not only is the information that these bloggers provide is updated, they ensure that you are paying the absolute lowest price by matching in store specials with the manufacturers’ coupons.  They will provide all of the information that you need such as when the coupon was made available as well as provide you with the information about the stores that are offering the deals and how to get the most store sales with the coupons.  Sites such as,, and are just a few of the blog sites that can help you with this.

Sites by Manufacturers

If you like certain manufacturers’ products such as detergent, soda or deodorant, to name a few, all you have to do is to go their websites and look for coupons.  Also, sign up for the mailing list when you visit the site.  This way, they will email you sale promotions or announce new products.  They will also send you coupons as well as frequent buyer deals.

Coupon Issuing Sites

If you remember, I said that you don’t have to shell out of your hard earned cashed for a paper to get coupons.  The reason I said that is because, thanks to the internet, many manufacturers now use their own webistes to offer coupons online.,, and are a few of the online services that offer printable coupons.  Before you obtain internet coupons, always check with your store to find out what their policy is.  Although most store accept coupons, I have found that policies can vary from one store to the next.

Swapping Coupons

If you have a selection of coupons that you no longer need, for example, coupons for diapers, don’t throw them away. You can swap coupons that you don’t want for coupons that you want. There are many coupon clubs in your communities where members give away or trade unwanted coupons.  If you don’t know of any near you, all you have to do is an online search for “coupon swaps” and you will get a selection of actual swaps.  Just like everything else, take heed to this WARNING that you should look for a site that investigates its members or ensures that the members provide some personal information so you don’t end up with out of date or worthless coupons.

Double Coupons Days

If you are making the effort to clip and download coupons, you should make the most of your savings.  To make the most of your savings, you should take advantage of unadvertise store savings . On a regular basis, stores will double the savings on manufacturers’ coupons so why not take advantage of this.

When you start using coupons and you realize how much money you can save, your mindset will change and you will start looking for deals on other things for your home.

In summary, the above tips on frugal living will save you tons of money if you are living on a budget.

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