There are many ways to prepare rice dishes because of the versatility of rice.

Almost all cultures eat rice so that’s the reason there are many different  variations. If rice is a food that you like eating, you will be happy to know  that there are many ways to prepare it and there are tons of recipes to make at home.

Two simple  types of rice dishes are fried rice or white rice because they can go with  different types of meals. Usually you can serve meat or fish right over rice.

Another type of rice dish is Spanish rice which will be a good accompaniment for  any type of Mexican food. You can also spice it up with different types of  peppers. Spanish rice is usually red and it is usually served with tomatoes.  Since there are several variations of Spanish rice, you will have to look for a  recipe that might interest you.

Instead of making just vegetables for dinner. Why don’t you add some broccolli  and cheese to your rice. Serving broccolli this way is very attractive to kids  as well so this is a good choice. Many people choose to make brocolli and cheese  rice instead of serving plain vegetables for dinner. Children seem to be more  willing to eat their broccoli this way than when it is by itself. You can make  rice with brocolli and cheese yourself or it is available in a box.

There are many rice recipes online and there are also quite a few rice cookbooks. Rice is a simple dish to prepare because it does not take long to  cook and it is also very cost effective because rice is not expensive. As long as  you follow the recipe you will get a good result and, if you are like me, once  you cook it a few times, you will not even need a recipe. All you have to do is  try and if you don’t like it you can get rid of it.

Also, you don’t have to stick to the same recipe because once you become a pro  at cooking rice, you will experiment and add things to your own liking. For  example, you might want to add more tomotaes to your Spanish rice or you might  want to add more cheese to your brocolli and cheese rice. Making changes is good  so you should not be afraid and once you give it a shot you will have tasty rice  that you will enjoy.

Rice can also be use in dessert recipes as well. You have heard about rice  pudding, haven’t you? Sweet rice is another rice dish that you can make and this  will add a twist any meal. If you like sweets, this will probably satisfy your  craving but without all the extra calories of sugar. Sweet rice is also good for  you.

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