Most people don’t like barganing but if you want to spend less on an item you have to negotiate an amount that you are willing to pay. People who are good at bargaining come away with great deals on the items that they purchase and the bottom line is that they save money. Learning how to bargain will reap you many benefits.

Many people think that bargaining is not a nice thing to do because they feel that asking for a lower price means that they cannot afford the item or that they should not be bargaining.  Then, they are other people who think that they are certain places that they can bargain like at a flea market or a garage sale.

If you want to pay a lower ticketed price, you have to bargain because prices are, for the most part, subject to negotiation.  Just keep in mind that most prices are prices suggested by the manufacturers so there is always room for negotiation because it is simply a business transaction you are entering into.

Therefore, you can negotiate how much you plan to pay. So, if you don’t think that the price is fair you simply need to negotiate a price that you think is fair. Before you try to bargain a lower price, keep in mind that you will not have success in most instances so you should be respectful and have a good attitude.

If you want a lower price, you will have to be nice because you are trying to get a bargain.  Just remember that you will never be get a brand new item at 50% discount.  It just will not happen unless the item is on sale. However, if you find an item with a slight flaw or an item that is scratched, you can ask for a discount.

It is easier to bargain at locally owned or family owned stores but you must always be on your best behaviour. It will be unreasonable to go into a store and ask for a 50% discount.  However, a reasonable discount will be perhaps 15% or even 20% discount. Some stores have discounts for seniors or students so take advantage of these types of discounts.

Many stores will consider giving you a discount if you buy several large items so ask for the discount if you are purchasing more than one item. For example, don’t you think a store will give you a discount if you are trying to outfit your living or dining room.

Discretion is key when you are trying to bargain with store owners or managers because this is not something that they want to make known to customers.  You must always be polite when you are trying to get a bargain. Bargaining when a store is busy is not a good idea either. Another good time to bargain is when businesses are not good making a lot of sales and they are looking to make a sale. Sometimes you can get a discount when you pay for goods with cash rather than credit cards. Another thing you can do is to purchase merchandise that business have had for a while or that have no price tags. This is usually a good way to get a bargain.

As indicated you can purchase items with flaws but the flaws must cosmetic in nature. A good example of purchasing an item with flaws would be for you to purchase an item that has a flaw that can be hidden against a wall or will not be seen once you have it in its place. No one will know your purchase has a flaw.

Keep in mind that many stores will not want to negotiate so don’t pursue it if they are not open to bargaining. There are many store that will bargain with you so just try another store. Bargaining is a great way to save money.