Many of us have spent money on convenience food whether it was for lunch or for dinner that we could have spent to prepare meals for a few days. A convenience food like pizza can be easily made at home instead of ordering for your favourite pizza place.

Making homemade pizza is not only easy it is also tasty and can become a family tradition if you make it. The best way to go about this is to choose a day when you will make the pizzas. This way, you can make several pizzas with different topping so that you can freeze them for those days that you don’t want to cook or days that the family feels like eating pizza.

If you make homemade pizza you get to select the toppings that you and your family like. You can even make individual pizza for picky family members who don’t like certain toppings. It is also your opportunity to use up things that you have in your refrigerator.

You can also prepare different types of crust.  For example, you can add cheese or spices to the crust.  There is a great pizza crust recipe on this site. If you don’t want to make the crust, you can pick some up from your groceries but why spend the extra money when you can make it yourself.

Just think of the customization that can take place if you make your own crust.  You make small crust or extra large  crust.  The choice is yours. With the pantry staples recommended on this site, you should be able to make your own  crust since you will have your pantry stocked with the important staples.

As indicated above, you can shape the dough to the size or sizes of your preference. Also, make sure that you have a rim on the dough so it contains the sauce.  It is not advisable to put too much sauce on your pizza.

You can either make your own sauce or you can buy sauce from the store. To prepare your pizza, put the sauce on the dough and spread it up to the rim of the pizza. The next step is to put the cheese of your choice on top of the pizza sauce. You might be tempted to buy cheese that has already been grated for you at the grocers but resist the temptation and buy a large  piece of cheese which you can grate. Buying and grating your own cheese is very economical because large block of cheese cost less than the cheese that has already been grated. Not to mention that it melts better.

If you want to experiment with your pizzas, you can add chicken, bacon or even hamburger as a topping. If you like hot peppers, you can add those as well. You can even add spices for a nice flavourful pizza. Putting thyme, oregano or basil on your
pizza will really make it tasty.

To bake the pizzas you can use baking stones or pizza pans or you can even use a convection oven that has a pizza insert. Your family can help with the cleaning up the kitchen while your pizza dinner is baking.

Just remember, pizza is great for breakfast the next morning.

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