When you are living on a tight budget, you find ways to save money. One of the ways that you can save money is by using up leftover dinners in various ways. Instead of putting your leftover meals in the refrigerator to rot or to be tossed out later, you can learn to reuse your leftover meals in interesting ways to save time and money.

It is true that not everyone likes leftovers. Even though some people might eat leftovers the following days, many people do not want to be eating leftovers for a week. There are simple things that you can do if your family does not want to be eating leftovers day after day. An example of this is:

If you have prepared dinner which included roasted pork and rice one night, most of your family members will probably not be interested in eating the same thing the following night. More than likely, your roasted pork dinner will sit in the back of the fridge if you don’t do something about it. So, here is how you can avoid this from happening.

The thing to do is to serve the leftovers in a different ways so your family does not get turned off from eating the same meal again. Here is what you can do. You can cut up the roasted pork into small pieces. Take out a wok or large frypan and fry the rice in a little olive oil, then add some frozen vegetables, a couple of beaten eggs, the chopped pork and a little soy sauce. Now you have pork fried rice that your family will enjoy.

Do you see how easy it can be to turn a leftover dinner into a completely new dish. If the leftover dinner was made with seafood, chicken or beef, you can basically do the same thing. How, you ask? If it were beef instead of pork, this is what you will do:

For example, if you had hamburgers for dinner, simply chop up the hamburgers until they are very fine like ground beef. You can turn this into beef tacos by adding chilli powder and taco sauce to the heated beaf. Another thing you can do with the chopped leftover hamburgers is to make chilli. You can do this by heating up the beef in a saucepan, adding a can of cooked beans, some chopped red or yellow peppers, some tomatoes and a jar of pasta sauce to create a tasty chilli.

Imaginative cooks can create many different meals from meats and other dishes that they have prepared.

You can easily create two or three meals from leftover dinners. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can even freeze the leftovers for another time rather putting them in the refrigerator to rot. Or you can create a new meals or meals as indicated above and serve them the next day or freeze them until some later date. You simply have to remove the meals from you freezer, when you are ready to serve it, and heat it up in the microwave or oven. The fact of the matter is that this is not a difficult process and you can glean from the information above.

Amaze your family by transforming leftovers to completely different meals. Then again, you family might not even know that you have done this unless you tell them. Just think of all of the money that you will save at the grocers by doing this rather than throwing good food away. If you are living on a budget, try these frugal living tips.

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