Most North Americans eat chicken almost every day. However, we all have our own ways of preparing chicken. Below are some dishes that you prepare if you have roasted chicken on hand.

Learning how to slice your whole roasted chicken is the first step. If you slice it properly, you will make it easier to remove the remaining chicken from the bone. The carcass is great for preparing broth.

You will do this by putting the carcass in water and boiling it until the rest of the meat falls off the bones. Season the broth with your favorite herbs and spices and add a few vegetables like celery and carrots. Strain the broth and pour the cool broth in containers and store the broth in the fridge, after it cools, for later use. The broth will last for a few weeks. You will be using it just like store bought chicken broth to flavour your foods like rice or casseroles.

You can also use the sliced chicken to prepare school lunches or you can also eat some of the roasted chicken on the weekend instead of going out to the fast food places. Another way to use the roasted chicken is to cube up some of the chicken to toss on your salad. Or you can use it to make filling for your tacos or fajitas.  All you would need to do is to sauté some peppers and onions and add the chicken.

Another meal that you can make with roasted chicken is chicken pot pie.  Since you have the chicken, you simply need the vegetables, creamed soup and the pie crust and you have got a very simple dinner which you can prepare in no time. You simply have to prepare a salad to go along with your chicken pot pie.

Another thing you can do with roasted chicken is to prepare casseroles which you can freeze for future meals. If you family is tired of eating chicken, just make meals that you can freeze with the chicken that you have left.

Our mothers and their mothers learned how to stretch a chicken to make it go a long way and so can we. Another thing you can do with the chicken is to make chicken noodle soup. We all know how good it tastes when we have a cold but chicken noodle soup can be enjoyed even when we don’t have a cold. You can make your chicken noodle soup with your roasted chicken and egg noodles.

Another thing you can do is to use the broth that you made as a base for your soup.Take some of the seasoned broth, add of your favourite vegetables, and add your egg noodles. The last step would be to add your chicken when your noodles and vegetables are cooked. Basically, you will just let the chicken get warm after you add it to the soup. The chicken noodle soup will really be great to eat for lunch during the weekend.

If you have leftover chicken after your dinner tonight, the above ideas are good for you to try to make your chicken go a long way so that you can save money on your grocery bill.


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