Most people think that they live frugally. The reason that most people think that they live frugally is because most people do not go out and purchase luxury items like million dollar homes, expensive crystal, or expensive cars like BMWs. We might not splurg on these luxury items, but the fact of the matter is that we all spend a lot of money buying things.

If you pay attention to how your money is trickling out of your pocket or purse, you can easily save $500.00 without feeling like you are depriving yourself of the things that you want. The suggestions below will allow you to maintain your lifestyle without giving up on things that you enjoy doing. You will even be enjoying some perks so see how it works below:

Shop From Your Refrigerator

Instead of running to store when you run out of staples, trying looking in your cupboards or refrigerator to see what you have stored there. You might be suprised and you will delay your shopping trip. You need to get creative. If you want to make a sandwich, you don’t necessarily have to have a sandwich loaf. You can subsitute bagels, wraps, buns or any other type of bread. You can also forego the bread and simply eat a salad with your fish or whatever protein you like. You can save money by not using milk with your morning tea or coffee and you will save money as well as calories. By doing any or all of these things, you will have saved money because you would have delayed your trip to the market which means you did not have to spend money. Avoid the store… avoid the impulse shopping. Just think about it. Think about how much money you waste by purchasng food that you don’t even use and it rots in your fridge. Also think about all the foodstuff you have knocking around your cupboards.

Go for the Smallest Size

Another way you can save money┬áis by not purchasing the largest option when you eat out. People always like to purchase the largest option because they think they are getting more for almost the same price but do you really need to drink a supersize drink. Always choose the smallest option. In other words, resist the temptation for the super size because it might be a better deal. Invariably, when you supersize, you are simply spending more money which you don’t need to spend. Think of all of the calories you are saving by not eating large meals.

It is probably a better idea to go out with your friends or even get together with them for a potluck lunch or dinner.

Another idea is to host some of your favourite events like Monday Night Football at your house rather than going out to the bar. Just ask your friend to share some of the responsibilities for the items needed. For example, someone might want to be responsible for the main dishes, someone else might want to bring the drinks. You get the idea. Just think about how much money you all will be saving because you will not have a large bar tab if you had gone out. You might also like some of the foods that you friends prepare that you are willing to trade recipes.

Change in a Jar

Another good way to save money is to empty your wallet or purse at the end of every day. What you will do is to put this money in a jar at the end of the day. There are also some tin cans that can be purchased for this very purpose. It may not look like it but those dimes and dollars add up very quickly and think of the things that you can spend this money on. You can use it to buy something special. Just think about it. You might even want to save this money for a trip. It can and has been done.

Go to the Library

When was the last time you went to your local library. Just stop by. You will be pleasantly surprised. Nowadays, you can find items such as DVDs that you can borrow. The library also puts on events occasionally that you can attend. Also, if you go the library often you might not need those subscriptions that you are paying for because you can find most publications at your local library where you can read them there or borrow them for free. You will meet a lot of people at the library who will have probably share your interest. Talk about social networking. The library is the ultimate social network.

Drink Water

Have you noticed that when you go out to eat, that drinks, no matter what type, can be very expensive. Why not order water instead of drinks and it’s free. You can also do the same thing when you are eating at home. Soft drinks or hard liquor is not good for you anyway and think of all the savings that you will be making. If you opt for water, your skin, weight and general health will improve and not to mention all the money that you will be saving.

Put Something Back

Another way you can save money is to put something back when you are shopping. You simply take one item out of your cart and put it back on the shelve before you check out. Whether you were planning to buy two packets of sock or two pair of shoes or whatever, simply put one back and you will keep that money in your pocket. If you don’t purchase that extra item you will also cut down on the clutter anyway. I know people who have a lot of unopen products that they have never looked at after they have purchased them. There are simply sitting in the box taking up valuable space.

Living frugally is as plain and simple as cutting back on our consumption. Some frugal tips involve saving money where we can by avoiding impulse shopping. And there are some frugal tips that require us to stop our habits. When you combine all of your living frugal tips, you will see some great savings in your budget.

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