Removing wax from a table cloth is quite easy once you know how to remove it.  Here is what you need:

Paper Towels


Dull knife to lift wax


Ironing board

Rubbing alcohol

Metal pan


Step 1 – On an ironing board, place the table cloth or garment.  Place the ice in a metal pan and put the pan over the affected area.  When the wax has frozen, remove the wax with the dull blade or credit card.  If you have removed all of the wax, use the alcohol to remove the residue.

If you still have wax left on the table cloth or garment, put two layers of paper towel under the item and two layers on top of the item.  Run a hot iron over the paper to dissolve the remaining wax. Repeat this process until you have removed all of the wax.  Use rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.

The last step is to wash the item.

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