You an use an inexpensive sparkling wine in this recipe for white Sangria.  You do not have to use the fruits in this recipe because you can use whatever fruit that is in season.

White Sangria


1 cup (250 ml) of mixed cut fresh fruit (peaches, grapes, strawberries)

750 ml dry sparkling, chilled white wine (1 bottle)

60 ml (2ozs) brandy

60 ml (2 ozs) vanilla liqueur

60 ml (2 ozs) white grape juice

5 ml (1 tsp) sugar

1 small sprig fresh mint


In a pitcher, add the ice and then the fruit.  Next you will slowly and carefully pour in the sparking wine.  The next step is to mix, in a separate measuring cup, the brandy, vanilla liqueur, grape juice and sugar.  Pour this mixture into the pitcher.  Garnish with mint.

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