I love potpourri so I am very happy that I have learnt to make it myself.  Here is a simple recipe for you to make at home.


4 oz. rosebuds

2 oz. lavender flowers

2 oz. deer’s tongue herb

2 oz. peppermint

2 oz. calamus root

1 oz. black malva flower

1 oz. marigold flowers

1 oz. peony flowers

1 oz. bay leaves

20 drops orris root oil

10 drops blue lilac oil

Premix the essential oils.  Next, mix the dry ingredients together.  Add the oil mixture to the dry ingredients with a dropper or something similar and store in  in a cool, dark place.  Make sure that all of your container and utensils are  made of glass, ceramic or wood.

You will let your potpourri age from a few days to a few weeks while stirring it very gently a couple of times a week.

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