This is a craft for children that you can help them make.

Things that you need:

One ice cube tray

Liquid food color

2 tbsp. hot water for each crayon

1 c. soap flakes

Small bowl



To get started for each color, in a bowl, add 1 cup of soap flakes and two tablespoons of hot water. To this, you will add food coloring to your liking. Next, give the mixture a good stirring until it becomes quite thick.  Don’t rush this because it will take some time.

Next, in the ice trays, you will fill each cube with some of the soap mixture.You will follow the directions above for the other soap crayon colors that you want to make.  The next thing to do is to let the crayons dry.  This will take a day or two.

Loosen the crayons from the ice try.  You might have to bang to the tray to loosen the soap crayons.  If you are planning to give them away, you can now put them in bags or boxes for gifts. These are great gifts for birthdays or for any type of special occasion.


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