It is simply hard to stop playing with silly putty.  This is one of the easy crafts for kids for you to consider making.


 1 c. Elmer’s glue

corn starch

2 1/2 c. liquid starch

Food coloring


In your medium size bowl, you will mix the 1 cup of the corn starch and the glue together. Next, if you want to have some colored silly putty, you will add some of the food coloring. Otherwise, leave it out.

The next thing to do is to cover the bowl and leave it to sit overnight. The next day, you will stir in 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups of the liquid starch until it forms into a blob.  If there is extra starch, pour it off.  Store the mixture in an air tight jar.

As I indicated above, your kids will have a hard time putting the silly putty down and as you can see this will be a fun craft to make at home if you are living on a budget.



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