1 qt. distilled water

1/2 pt. 70% proof alcohol (not Isopropyl)

2 c. rose petals, red or pink – old fashioned varieties that are chemical free,  freshly picked & clean

1 tbsp. orris root, powdered

10 drops rose oil

1 gallon clear jar


The first thing you will do to make your rose water is the put the rose petals and 1 cup of the water in a blender and blend until the rose petals are very fine.  You will put all the remaining ingredients into your jar with the rose water mixture and cover tightly.

The next step is to set the jar in the sun and let it stand for 2 weeks.  After two weeks, use a strainer to strain the mixture.  You can put your rose water in various containers that interest you.  For example, you can use old perfume bottles.  Your rose water can be use to splash yourself after you have a shower or it can be used as a scent if you want to add it to your bath.

If you are living on a tight budget, this will be an inexpensive craft project for you to make rather than purchasing body sprays that are loaded with chemicals.

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