Things that you need:

White paper


 Dry sponge

 Ballpoint pen

 Water colors (red & green)

To get started on your Christmas Sponge Art, you will be drawing a Christmas motif on your paper with the ballpoint pen.  You will need one of your parents to cut out the motif.  Afer the motif has been cut out, you will place it on the sponge to trace your pattern (you should use a sponge that has small holes).  After you have traced the pattern on your sponge, your parent will help you to cut out the shape.

To start your sponge painting, you will dip your sponge into the water color, squeeze our the excess paint and blot it before you start stamping.  You should be able to use the stamp many times before you have to dip it in the paint again.  You can use your stamp to add a special touch to brown paper, newspapers, fabric or anything that you want to dress up.

This easy craft for kids can be done at Christmas or any other time of the year.

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