Do you have a clean home? People don’t realize that there is difference between a home that appears to be clean and a home that is clean. Even though most rooms in your home appear to be spotless, there might still be bacteria lurking in the most unlikely spots.

People don’t understand there is bacteria everywhere so in order to keep your family healthy, you need to ensure that your home is disinfected to prevent bacteria from proliferating. One area of your home that is laden with bacteria is your kitchen sink and it should be disinfected after you use it each time.

There is always tons of bacteria on meat, vegetables, basically everything, and it will get on your hands, your counters, your food or your utensils. As determined by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bacteria and some viruses can live on some surfaces for at least two hours. These types of surfaces are phones, doorknobs, counters and tables. In order to keep you home healthy for your family members, you should wipe down these areas with disinfectant on a frequent basis.

Your health is also affected by the quality of your indoor air. The reason your health would be affected by indoor air is because North Americans spend a great deal of time indoors, espectially during the winter months. Indoor air polution can be higher than the outdoor air pollution levels.

People always complain that their ailments such as headaches, asthma and fatigue are caused by poor indoor air quality.

Following these strategies for reducing air pollution will help your ailments:

1. Control the source of triggers for asthma or allergies from your home. This means that if you have pets,you should not allow your pets indoors. Another thing that you should do is to Wash your bedding in hot water on a weekly basis.

2. Purchase an air cleaner. If you invest in an air purifier, you will gain significant improvements in your well-being, not to mention your breathing will improve.

3. Replace your heating and air conditioning filters on a regular basis. Also, maintain your gas appliances, your wood stoves or your fireplaces.

In order to keep your indoor air clean, you must employ the above tips if you want to have a healthier home.