It can become frustrating when you have to make dinner. However, there is a very easy way to get dinner on the table during the week if you plan ahead.  I don’t know about you, but when I get home in the evening, I really don’t feel like cooking and I really
don’t eat fast or convenience foods.  So, what I do is to prepare all my meals for the week ahead of time.

We have all spent money at the grocery store with good intentions of cooking meals when we got home but ended up throwing away most of the produce due to spoilage and, not only that, we have even had to spend more money buying meals outside the home. Most of us are tired when we get home from work and we really don’t want to cook if we end up getting home at 6 p.m. or later.

One way that to solve the problem is to prepare all of your meals for the upcoming week during the weekend. Start by making a menu for the week including everyone’s favorites. Next, you purchase all of your groceries for the meals that you plan to prepare. On Saturday morning, you will do all the cooking with the assistance of your children, if they want to help you.

Since cooking the meats will take the longest to cook, you can start with them. It is wise to cook varieties of meats so that you don’t
get bored of eating the same meat all week long.

Prepare all of your side dishes too. Even though you might be tempted to cook the main part of the meal and leave the side dishes so that you can prepare them the day of that meals, don’t do it.  Prepare all of your side dishes ahead because you will not feel like cooking anything when the time comes to serve the meal.

If you go this route and cook all of your meals on the weekend, just remember that you will need containers to hold your dishes so
this should be part of the planning. There are two ways that you can store your meals. One way is to store each of your side dishes in separate large containers and your main meat dishes in large separate containers. Then each day, you will take a meat dish and two side dishes from the freezer to heat up for dinner.

The other way is to give your family a choice each day about what they want to eat. This involves giving your family the option to choose what they want to eat each day.  What you will do is when you are finished cooking all of the meals and the food is cool,
you family will be responsible for preparing their own container of food for each day of the week. That way, they can have one meat and two sides for each of their containers. Or you can do it for them if they so desire. Every day, each of your family members can choose which meal they want to eat that day.

The next step involves labelling what is inside each container.

Each of the above options work but it is up to your family to decide what is best for them. Cooking on the weekend will not only save you time but you will save tons of money because you will no longer need to dine out if you are tired from a hard day’s work.

You will also have plenty of leftovers if the food that you cooked is more than what your family can eat in the week.  If you have leftovers, just freeze everything for another time because those meals will surely come in handy.

Just remember that if you are going to prepare all of these meals on the weekend, you will need to purchase some family size containers which don’t really cost that much anyway.

Preparing your meals in advance will sure eliminate any stress around your house during dinner time and it really worth it because you will be able to spend time in the evening with your family rather than in the kitchen cooking and you will also save money.

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