Almost all families today live on two incomes so it is can be tough if you have

one income. The cost of housing in most areas of the country are very high so

this is reflected in the cost of living. If you think that you cannot live on

one income, this is not true because they are many people who are doing just



Just think of all of the single parents who have to live on one income not to

mention single people and housewives. Statistically speaking, almost half of

women are housewives. So this means that half of all households are living on

one income.


The reason that many women choose to stay at home is because both spouses have

come to the realization that there is really a minimal benefit if both spouses

work. Families have realized that work related expenses add up to quite a bit of

money if the second spouse works so in most cases it is not wise for one of the

spouses to work.


For example, if the second spouse works and they have children, they will be

paying for daycare, car expenses and not only this, the second income will

probably put the family’s into another tax bracket. All of these expenses

usually add up to the second income so it is more beneficial for one of the

spouse to stay at home.


There are many people in this situation but living on one income requires a

great deal of planning. In order to live on one income, you should not have a

lot of debt and you must live frugally to do so.


It is really hard to adjust to one income. You will have to cut out a lot of

spending if you want it to work. But once you cut out the unnecessarily things

and focus on your family’s needs rather than wants, you will see things



Most people think that only women who have children stay at home but this could

not be further from the truth. Women do not have to work outside the home to be

worthy and they are not spoiled as most people think.  Running a household is a

big responsibility and it takes a lot of time to find ways to make one income



There are several things you can do to get yourself ready for one income.


1. The first thing to do is to cut your debt and get rid of your credit cards.

It is really tempting to use credit cards if you have them so cut them up.

Getting rid of your debt will free up money in your budget. If your debt is

substantial, it will take time to get rid of it but it will be well worth it in

the end.


2.Look at things that are necessary.  For example, instead of renting your water

heater, purchase it outright.  Can you imagine how much money you will save in

the end by purchasing it rather than renting it.


3. Make frugal decisions.It takes a while to cultivate this habit but if you

focus on your goal, it is achievable. If you want to stay at home rather that go

to work you will have to determine your priorities with your partner.


4.If you are a stay at home mom, it does not mean that you cannot do extra work.

Look for opportunities to add to your family income. You may be able to do

things like babysitting or catering or crafting but you must always keep in mind

that this is not income that you will be depending on because it is strictly

extra income that might come in handy to buy things that the family needs.


5. Set up an emergency fund. An emergency fund is imperative because if the

breadwinner gets sick or you get injured and there is no income coming in you

need to have money that can fill the gap. Just think of how handy this wll come

in if you get sick and you cannot take care of your children. Always keep in

mind that if you have set up an emergency fund, it is to be kept for emergency

purposes only an is not to be used for household expenses. An emergency fund

should consist of at least three months’ worth of household income.  So, if

there is a problem, you will have a cushion for at least three months.