If you are tired of seeing your monthly expenses explode, here are some tips that will help you save money. Trying these suggestions will pad your bank account with significant savings.

1. Recycle your junk mail. We all receive a ton of junk mail every day and some of it is only printed on one side.  Would it not be a good idea to collect this type of mail and turn it into a writing pad?  I even do this with copy paper that I have only used for draft documents.  If I need to print something that I only want a copy of, I just recycle the draft documents by printing on the other side of the paper. You will save money if you do this and not only that you will save trees.

2.Another thing you can do is to save water by installing a water savings kit in your toilet tank. Once installed, you will begin to use less water when you are flushing your toilet. You can save gallons of water by doing this.  You can also save money when you shower by installing one that uses less water.  They are some great shower heads that you can purchase that will use less water.

3.If you have a fan, use it rather than the air conditioner.  You may not realize this but air conditioners contributes to your utility bill. If you use the fan rather than the air conditioner, you will not only save on utilities but your body will get use to the heat and you will most likely not have problems when the temperature rises.

4.Save the bar of soap when it gets small and combine the old bar with the new bar. To get the two bars to stick together, you will stick them together when they are both wet.

5.  Half your toothpaste tube. If you are like most people, you throw out the toothpaste when you have problems getting the rest of it from the tube. People don’t realize that there is quite a bit of toothpaste left in the tube.  What you have to do is to cut the tube in half to get to the rest of the toothpaste which can last for a few days if you have a family and probably a week if you live alone. The savings will add up over time.

If you use these money saving suggestions on a consistent basis, they will become a part of your life and you will be thrilled when your monthly expenses are reduced thanks to your useful habits.