One of your largest monthly expenses is your family’s grocery bill. Grocery bills vary from family to family depending on the eating habits of familymembers. If your family consumes a lot of meat or if you purchase a lot of brand name products, your grocery bill wll be higher than a family that consume very little meat and eat mostly high carbohydrate foods like rice. This means that you can alter your family’s budget if you are more frugal with your shopping. You will reap considerable savings if you follow a few of the money saving tips below:

1.Plan your meals. If you spend some time planning your family’s meals, you will know the items that you have to purchase before you head to the store.

2.Use coupons and look for store discounts and plan your meals around items that are on sale.

3.Make a grocery list and only purchase the items on the list.

4.Eat before you go shopping. If you eat before you go shopping, you will not be hungry and therefore be tempted to buy unnessary things.

5.Shop by yourself. Your grocery bill will definitely be higher if your spouse or your children tag along to the grocery store so shop alone.

6.Don’t buy things that you will not use. Don’t buy foods that you family will not eat, you will just be wasting money. For example, if your family does not like cauliflower, don’t buy it because it is on sale.

7.Do you know that items on the bottom shelves are usually lower in price. Keep your eyes on these shelves.

8.Don’t buy brand name products. Brand name products are usually higher in price. Most people don’t realize that, in most instances, the store brands are actually the same as the brand name just in a different package.

You can be frugal if you follow the above steps for saving on your grocery bill. Compare your new grocery bill with your old grocery bills to see how much money you are saving by being frugal.