There are many things that you can make at home if you are interested in frugal simple living. For example, you can make candy, chocolates, vodka, chicken stock, pizza and candles just to name a few.  One type of candle that you can make at home is aromatherapy candles.  These candles are used often because they set the ambience at home or almost anywhere. They can be used in any room of your home and provide a wonderful enhancement and atmosphere.

It has been proven that there is correlation between our emotions and things that we smell. The reason that things that we smell affects our emotions is because there is a  connection between our nervous system, which controls our emotions, and our noses. Thus, proof that using aromatherapy candles will have an effect on our mindset and our emotions. In order to evoke the right emotion, it is imperative that you select the right scent.

There are many ways to dispense aromas and one of those ways is with candles. The truth is that aromotherapy candles are made in many different ways, with a varieity of ingredients and they are also different ways to burn them.

One of the most common ingredients that is used to make candles is paraffin.  However, paraffin candles have been known to produce a lot of soot so paraffin is not recommended for the making of aromotherapy candles since they are very polluting and inhaling the soot cannot be good for your health. Don’t despair because candles can be made with other ingredients such as beeswax, soyabeans and vegetable waxes which are much less toxic than paraffin. The reason that they are better for your health is because these ingredients are natural and are plant based. There are different scents that are availble to make candles.

Here is a simple recipe for aromatherapy candles.  It is one of those crafts for adults that you can make at home:

  • Any type of glass jars
  • Wicks
  • Beeswax (or other types)
  • Essential Oils
Jars:  Glass jars can be purchased from a dollar store or you might want to use canning jars or other jars that you have around the house.  Use a reasonable size jar which will hold a pint or more of liquid. The use of jars will long neck is not advisable because they can be a fire hazard and not to mention that you will not be able to light the candle.
Wax:  Beeswax is a good choice for making aromatherapy candles but keep in mind that it can be quite expensive.  An alternative to beeswax would be soya wax or other vegetables waxes.  As mentioned in this article, paraffin is not a very good choice for all the reasons mentioned but if you are concerned about the cost and want to use paraffin this is up to you but it is not recommended.
Essential Oils:  There are many essential oils that you can choose from to scent your candles and there are readily available from places like the Body Shop.  Keep in mind that you will need about 5 – 6 drops for every two cups of  dry wax.
Making the Candles:
Step 1- Melt the wax.  If you are using beeswax, you can melt it in a double boiler.  If you are using vegetable waxes, you can use the microwave oven.  Keep in mind that the wax must be melted properly or your candles will not be properly made.
Step 2 – Remove the melted wax from where you are heating it and add the essential oils gradually to the melted wax until you can smell the scent.
Step 3 – To make the candles, place the wick in the container and ensure that it is straight and remains in place by using a wick setter.  Then, pour the wax into the container until you have the desired amount.  Put the jars aside until the candle wax hardens.
Now you have seen that aromatherapy candles are something that you can make at home.

The only way that you get the scent from a candle into a room is by burning it. A new popular way of dispensing aromatherapy is by using diffusers.  You can also use tea lights or oil burners.

Below are a few things that you should consider before burning your candles because how you burn your candles will affect how long they last and how they burn.

1.  Trim the wick about 1/4 inches from the top of the wax will make your candles last longer.

2.  Refrigerate your candles before you use them to extend their life.

3.  Burn your candle for about an hour the first time before you put it out.Burning it for an hour will condition it and will dictate how it burns. It will also extend the candle’s life. If you take care of your candles, they will last a long time.

You can use your aromotherapy candles for many things such as when you are reading or when you are taking a bath. The aroma will help you to unwind and will bring some serenity into your life.