Every purchase that we make is getting more and more expensive every day. This includes everything from groceries to gasoline so we have to stretch our budget further and further. If you live in a small town and work nearby, you may be able to ride your bicycle but this is not practical for most people. There is not much to be done about grocery shopping because we all
have to buy groceries. However, we must find avenues to cut our spending on groceries as we buy other things that our family need. Below are some save money tips that you can employ when you go to buy groceries:

1. Clipping Coupons – There are coupons everywhere from your daily newspaper to online coupon sites. In addition to using coupons to save money on grocery items, you can use them to try new products.  This means that if you like the product, you
got a savings but if you did not like the product, it means that got it at a discount. Unless you use a lot of coupons, on average you might save approximately $12.00 per trip to the grocery store. This is a saving that you can use for purchasing other things that you or your family need.

2. Buy Less Prepared Foods – If you purchase more staples than prepared foods, you will save money.  We all know that prepared foods cost most than buying groceries to prepare the food yourself.  For example, you can purchase a block of cheese economically.  If you had to purchase the cheese that was already grated for you, this will cost way more than if you purchase the cheese and grated it yourself.  Not to mention you will get many more cheese servings from the block of cheese.  When you go shopping the next time, avoid the prepared foods and get staples instead. Or you can simply compare the prices of
the prepared food to the staples and you will see that staples will be the less expensive option.

3. Bulk Buying – You should bulk buy items that you and your family frequently use. This includes things like meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, juice, toilet paper and other paper products.  These can be bought in bulk at places like Costco or Wal-Mart or other bulk food places. Don’t forget the coupons for even further savings.

4. Avoid Shopping When Hungry – Shopping when you are hungry is not advisable. The reasons you should not shop when you are hungry is because you will buy things that you do not need. For example, you will be tempted to pick up a package of muffins (in my case), donuts or cookies so you can have a snack when you get home.

5. Make a grocery list – A grocery list will let you focus on the things that you went to the grocer to buy rather than picking up things that you don’t really need. To prepare a list, look in your pantry and your refrigerator or wherever you store your groceries and make a list of the items that you need. The objective is to purchase items from your list.

6. Don’t shop at different stores – You should shop at the same store.  If you keep changing the store, you will only get frustrated. The reason for the frustration is that you will spend a great deal of time trying to find the items that you need because
you will be unfamiliar with where the items are located. Another benefit of shopping at the same store is that you will know the prices of the items that you normally purchase.

Just because food prices are increasing, it does not mean that you cannot prepare healthy meals for your family.  Stretching your budget involves a great deal of planning and you will be able to prepare great meals, even if you are living on a budget, if you follow the above save money tips.

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