If you are like most people, you have to live on a budget if you want to pay all of your bills each month. So, there is not much extra money laying around for you to overindulge. Even though you might indulge by buying the occasional gourmet coffee, most of your money goes towards monthly living expenses. There are some ways that you can curtail your expenditures which will
allow you to have extra money that you use to buy a few more things that will allow you to have a little more fun.

Comparing Prices

This might be a simple idea, but once you begin to compare prices your spending habits will significantly change.

If you compare prices while you are grocery shopping, you will save money by doing this one thing. The best way to compare prices is to do your comparison shopping by looking through flyers and ads before you go shopping so you will know where you can get the best deals. Try this, before you go shopping, make a list of the items that you need and then compare the prices to find the best deals. Don’t just go to the store and fill your cart with things that you catch your attention. You will have a list of items and you will know the prices before you even step foot in the store because you would have done your comparison beforehand. You will be amazed at the savings you will reap when you purchase the items you need at the lowest possible price.

Comparing prices is not just for grocery shopping. If you want to go the movies, you can compare different show times to find out if you can watch the movie earlier for a savings. Even though this will only save a couple of dollars, savings will add up over the entire year.

If you like to drink coffee, you can also compare coffee prices at different coffee shops to see if you can pay a little less or better
yet you might even try carrying coffee from home. If you make your own coffee and carry it to work, you will definitely save a considerable amount of money because gourmet coffee is very expensive. Another great tip is to buy some good coffee beans and grind them yourself.  You will be enjoying great tasting coffee and will free up a lot of cash that you were spending at the coffee shops.

As you can see, making small changes to you budget, like brewing your own coffee at home or taking in an earlier movie will cut your budget. Unless you try these save money tips, you will not know how much money you will save.

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