Since energy costs have become higher than any other time in  the past, finding ways to reduce energy costs will save you money. Below are some tips to help you reduce your home heating costs. Your savings will add up over a period of time.  These tips will
take minutes to implement as some of them don’t even involve making major  changes.  Even if you make small changes, you will reap considerable savings during the winter months.

Below are 10 tips that you can implement to save on your  heating costs:

1. Reduce the heating on your hot water thermostat to about  115 to 120 degrees. If you don’t know how to adjust the thermostat, read the  manual. The knob to adjust the temperature can usually be found near the bottom  of the tank.

2. Clean your central air conditioning filters. If you don’t  clean your filters periodically, they will become clogged thereby making your  unit work harder at it tries to do the job it was designed to do.

3. Look for and plug any leaks in your air ducts. You may  not be aware that your heating bill will increase if there are leaks in your
ducts so check them thoroughly to make sure they are no disconnections or gaps. If you are not handy at doing these types of things, it is worth it to hire a  professional to do the job.

4. Set your thermostat a few degrees lower. You probably  will not notice the difference but you will definitely notice when you receive  a lower bill.

5. Talking about thermostats, you might want to change yours  to a programmable one if it is an older model. The reason you want to have a  programmable thermostat is because you can program it for different temperature  settings during the day and during the night. There is really no need for you  to have a warm house when no one is at home. Thermostats are not very expensive
and you might be able to install it yourself.

6. Insulating your attic can also bring you considerable savings because heat rises and if your attic is not properly insulated, you
will be losing heat through your roof. You might also want to hire a professional  to do this job as well but it is imperative that you have your attic checked  out to see if you are losing heat this way. If you think you can do this job  yourself, what you need to know is the measurement of your attic.  Once you know the square footage, you can buy  insulation that is between R-13 and R-30. Since insulation can cause irritation  to the skin, it is important that you wear gloves and appropriate clothing when  you are doing the job.

7. Just remember that all those cracks and gaps in your home  are equivalent to having a small open window letting in cold air and thereby  letting out heat from your home. So, if you want to save heating costs, you  must take the time to fill in all the gaps around your home like windows,  doors, pipes, dryers and all the other leaks in your home. For windows and  doors, you can plug the leaks with weather stripping. For tight spaces, you can  purchase the insulation foam which comes in a can. The insulation foam expands  to fill tiny gaps.

8. If you are not using rooms in your home, it is also a  good idea to close the vents. For rooms that you are not using, close off the
hot air ducts and properly seals the windows and doors to make sure they are no  leakages. It is pointless to heat up a room that no one is using.

9. Another way to heat your home is to open all the windows  during the day to let in the sun in and close them in the evening when it get  colder. If you allow direct sunlight to stream into your home, you will be  amazed at the heat that it will generate.

10. Another way, you can lose heat is through your  fireplace. Close off the damper if you are not using your fireplace and check
it to see if any cold air is coming in after you close it off.  Reduce heating in your home if you’re using  your fireplace.

If you implement these tips you will realize considering  savings in your home heating costs. Following through on these tips and hiring  a professional for the jobs that you cannot do yourself will net you  considerable savings in your home heating bills.  If you are looking for ways on how to be frugal, then  following these tips, can reap savings of about 25% which will cut your bill by  about $100 per month.

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